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 Polishing Film Replacement Kit
Polishing Film Replacement Kit

 OptiFiber OTDR
OptiFiber OTDR

 Fast Cure Tool Kit
Fast Cure Tool Kit

 Dual Wavelength Optical Power Meter
Dual Wavelength Optical Power Meter


Fiber Optic Termination Kits

Fiber Optic Installation & Termination Kits

Kits created with the fiber optic tools needed for fiber optic installation...
3M, Allen Tel, Corning, Fluke Networks, Hubbell, Legrand - Ortronics, Leviton, Panduit®, Ripley, more...
Fiber Optic Consumables

Fiber Optic Consumables

Heat shrink sleeves, glue, epoxy, music wire, syringes, lapping film and other...
3M, Commscope, Corning, Hubbell, Leviton, Siemon, more...
Fiber Scribes & Scissors

Fiber Optic Scribes & Scissors

Kevlar shears, carbide & sapphire scribes, safety glasses and other fiber...
Corning, Hubbell, Leviton, Panduit®, Ripley, Siemon, more...
Fiber Optic Cleavers

Fiber Optic Cleavers

Basic score & snap cleavers for quick cleaves and larger cleavers for fusion...
AFL, Corning, Hubbell, Leviton, Ripley, Siemon, more...
Fiber Optic Cable Strippers

Fiber Optic Cable Strippers

Splicing tools, jacket and buffer strippers for fiber optic cables.
Corning, Hubbell, Leviton, Miller, Panduit®, Ripley, Siemon, more...
Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools

Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools

Swabs, pads, wipes and other fiber optic cleaning products.
3M, AFL, Corning, Fluke Electronics, Fluke Networks, Hubbell, Legrand - Ortronics, Leviton, Ripley, more...
Fiber Optic Tweezers

Fiber Optic Tweezers & Anti-Wicking Tools

Tweezers and anti-wicking tools used when working with fiber optic cables.
Corning, Ripley, more...
Fiber Optic Polishing Accessories

Fiber Optic Polishing Accessories

Fiber polishing film, pucks and mats.
3M, Corning, Hubbell, Leviton, Panduit®, Ripley, Siemon, more...
Fiber Optic Crimpers

Fiber Optic Crimpers

Crimpers & mechanical splicers used with fiber optic cables and connections.
Corning, Hubbell, Panduit®, Siemon, more...
Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers

Portable, automatic fiber optic fusion splicers for field splicing anywhere.
3M, AFL, Corning, Hubbell, more...
Fiber Optic Microscopes

Fiber Optic Microscopes

Handheld microscopes used for inspecting fiber ends and splices.
AFL, Corning, Fluke Networks, Hubbell, Leviton, Siemon, more...
Visual Fault Locators

Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locators

Handheld lasers used to locate breaks, faulty splices and crimps in fiber cable.
3M, AFL, Corning, Fluke Networks, Hobbes USA, Hubbell, more...
Fiber Cable Testing Equipment

Fiber Cable Testing Equipment

Enables professionals to verify fiber installations by providing fast, accurate...
Commscope, Corning, Fluke Electronics, Fluke Networks, Hobbes USA, Panduit®, more...
OTDR Equipment

Fiber Optic OTDR Test Equipment

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer equipment used to analyze light loss in fiber...
Corning, Fluke Networks, more...
Fiber Optic Equipment & Parts

Miscellaneous Fiber Optic Equipment

Fiber optic splice kits, strip length gauges, wrenches & tightening tools.
3M, Corning, Hubbell, Leviton, more...
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